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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding PEMF
What will I feel when I'm on the machine?

Generally, for quickest results we ask you set the intensity level just on the edge of what’s about to become uncomfortable. Our equipment allows independent settings of frequency (the rapidity of pulses) and how hard each pulse hits, or the intensity. We will set the frequency — or pulse rate — and ask that you make the intensity the maximum that is comfortable. There are exceptions to this, such as when we figure a trickle charge may be more effective, but “as hard as you can stand it” is the general theme.

The machine will produce something similar to vibration and at a certain point your muscles will twitch.

Why is PEMF just now becoming popular?
Our ancestors received much more cellular charge from the earth’s magnetic force than we get in today’s industrialized living. Not only do we no longer sleep on the ground, we seldom even walk barefoot upon it. Consumption of raw foods is no longer what it used to be, either, and proper nutrition along with hydration and physical exercise also recharge our cells — but they’re not as prevalent in our lifestyles as they once were. In addition to depleted intake, we’re now also subject to many more damaging electro forces, such as WiFi, microwaves, cell batteries and various electronics.
How do I know if I'm getting results?
Bio-cellular stimulation delivers effects that are very similar to those of physical exercise, even though it’s a passive activity. So as with physical conditioning, results accrue progressively. Your initial PEMF sessions should leave you feeling energized, although in some cases the first session or two triggers a toxin release that has the opposite effect — you’ll feel lethargic afterward. If this happens, drink fluids to accelerate detox. In very rare instances, a cold or flu may be triggered in the early sessions.
Does PEMF have side effects?
Just as with physical exercise, there may be some soreness the first week or two. Otherwise, you might think of this similar to a battery charger. If your cell phone is hooked to the charger for extended periods, it accepts only the amount of charge it needs.
Is PEMF always effective?
In dealing with 70 trillion to 100 trillion cells, PEMF is more of an art developing slowly into a science, perhaps, but a long way from being able to pinpoint results for specific conditions. Frequency, intensity, duration, area of application and rapidity of sessions can have a quadrillion combinations according to one authority. It isn’t that there’s only one-in-a-qaudrillion ways, but lots of variables are in play. Accompanying nutrition, hydration, physical exercise also play a role on the road to results.

Experience of practitioners around the country has produced some insights nonetheless.

PEMF may eradicate the inflammation of recently acquired orthopedic pain — acute injuries — within a few sessions. But issues in the body’s organs requires much deeper, sustaining application of PEMF and you may not experience a noticeable result for weeks. Chronic issues require more time, and then a maintenance program long-term.




How do I prepare for a session?
You’re fully clothed during a PEMF session. Just be sure to empty your pockets and remove jewelry, watches, cell phones, credit cards and car key fobs. Place these items about a foot away from the system. 


How much PEMF sessions do I need?

The complexity of the human body nullifies a precise answer, but generally:

  • 48 hours over a 4- to 5-month period scheduled 2-3 times a week is a minimum to totally recharge the cells of most adults.
  • 12 and 24 hours of PEMF can relieve acute conditions such as post-surgery pain, fractures, sprains, etc.

There are benefits to fewer sessions but think of it like not following the advice of a personal trainer. You will get “some” results but not like if you completed a real program.

Why do my muscles twitch?

PEMF affects the nervous system that controls muscular function.  An area that is being pulsed with sufficient intensity will experience externally stimulated muscle activation that is more appropriately described as a twitch more so than a contraction. In cases of acute injury, it’s advisable to keep the intensity below a level that activates the muscle.


Are PEMF exercise covered by insurance?
This is a self-pay service, outside the scope of government regulation. For that reason, we can always do what’s best for you.



Does a PEMF machine produce heat?
It produces very little heat; too little to even notice.



Can I use PEMF if I have stents or metal implants?

Yes, it’s safe to use PEMF even if you have stents or implants of metal or titanium. Although it requires greater intensity, the magnetic field will circumvent implants to reach the surrounding tissue.


How exactly does PEMF work?
Each of our 70-100 trillion cells functions like a capacitor, meaning that it holds an electrical charge. The human body is not just bio-chemical, it’s also bio-electrical. PEMF provides energy by pulsing the cell’s exterior wall to deliver nutrients to the organelles while also flushing out toxins.

In his book Healing is Voltage Dr. Jerry Tennant claims that cells are designed to operate at -20 to -25 millivolts and dropping below that level can result in illness and disease. Further, according to Dr. Tennant, making a healthy new cells require -50 millivolts.

With proper electrical charge in enough cells affecting a particular area, the body essentially heals itself. Dr. Magda Havas, a medical researcher in Canada, says that “PEMF devices do not treat a specific condition. Instead they optimize the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulation functions.” (from the video Rapid Aging Syndrome)

What are the contraindications or side effects?
PEMF bio-cellular stimulation should not be applied to areas of blood clotting or used on a person with an implanted electronic device, such as a pacemaker. Women should also avoid it during their menstrual cycle and due to the prevalence of miscarriage, we refrain from it during pregnancy. Otherwise, there really aren’t any known negative side effects. 
Will PEMF help with ________?
If whatever fills in the blank involves even one of your body’s 70-100 trillion cells, the short answer is yes. To some degree or another, PEMF helps everything in the body. But we don’t always have an idea of to what degree or within what timeframe for each specific situation.

Many people experience unexpected results from PEMF, getting more than what they expected.