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Choosing To Not Get Old

From Chiropractic to Kettlebells

Marine Veteran From Brooklyn Has Been Lafayette Chiropractor 30 Years

If not instantly detected from his dialect, it seldom takes long for Dr. John Sullivan to acknowledge his roots voluntarily.

“I’m from Brooklyn; I don’t believe anything I hear and only half of what I see.” It’s a joke trading upon a popular stereotype that always draws a chuckle.

But Brooklyn was long ago, close in time to his service as Vietnam Era Marine. For the past 30 years, Dr. John has been one of Lafayette’s leading clinical practitioners of chiropractic and alternative medicine focused upon wellness. It’s a calling that is deeply personal.

While studying Education at U.S.L., the young Mr. Sullivan suffered a serious neck injury during wrestling class.

“After two and one-half weeks of hospitalization, drugs and therapy I was worse than when the accident happened,” he recalled. In frustration he signed out of the hospital and took a friend’s suggestion to see a chiropractor.

“After just one adjustment I was 80 percent better,” he recalled.

The experience was inspiring.

“That was the push it took to convince me to dedicate my life to helping people get their health back naturally.”

On To Chiropractic College

After earning his B.S. from U.S.L., Dr. John enrolled in Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia. Long advocating non-force chiropractic, Dr. John received Diplomate status in Bio-Energetic-Synchronization Technique in 1987. He is the only B.E.S.T. diplomate in the state.

Dr. John received his Advanced Proficiency status from Activator Methods in 1995. The Activator Method is the most-researched chiropractic technique in the world. At present, he is the only Advanced Proficiency Chiropractor in the entire Acadiana area and one of only a few in the state.

His office also functions as a teaching clinic where he shares procedures with other doctors; several area chiropractors have studied with him. Dr. John is considered a true friend to chiropractic and to his fellow chiropractors.

Inspiring and Instructing

In 2015 with re-certification in 2017, Dr. John became the world’s oldest Level II Kettlebell Instructor. He is also Flexible Steel instructor and has taught flexibility and strength locally and internationally. He specializes in small groups of “dedicated” people. He can help you achieve in months what would take you years on your own, including implementation of “weight loss secrets” that really work.

That is why, even at age 72, he can appear bare-chested in photos, such as you see at the top of the page.

If you are dedicated to life long strength and fitness and would like more information call for an appointment.

And Now PEMF

Advice from a colleague piqued Dr. John’s interest in pulsed electromagnetic frequency, or PEMF. As related on text on the home page, Mrs. Sullivan — Julia — was the first patient and a convincing case study.

Dr. Sullivan now considers PEMF a “miracle” that when combined with proper nutrition, exercise and adjustments can literally re-write the book on wellness. The “cellular exercise even benefits those who for whatever reason cannot or will not exercise,” he points out.

“It’s a great fit for what we so strongly believe, and for what we try to offer in this practice,” explained Dr. John.