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Almost every decision we make in life is going to be based on either one of those two emotions.

I have total faith in the mechanical functioning of my motorcycle and the tires and I love to drive it “Quickly” J. BUT I am also AFRAID of getting caught …. So what do I do?  I bet you think  I’m going to  say. “I obey the speed limit”.

Actually I go with faith and I bought a radar detector J.

How do Faith and Fear Apply to our Health Decisions.

Recently we have been bombarded by the media about the 20 or so cases of measles in the entire country.  This is being hyped to get EVERYONE to get vaccinated and have your children vaccinated.  Even our president is behind this effort.  (those of you who know me know that I am from Brooklyn. We had a saying there “don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see”. Another saying was “follow the money trail”.

When I grew up, Measles was a Childhood disease, as was chicken pox and mumps.  We were expected to get them so our  immune systems could develop against further infection.

This is not so today.

A massive campaign starting in the 50’s by the drug industry has pushed for more  and more vaccinations. Even to the extent of actually having laws made to FORCE you to use their products. Can you imagine any other industry that  has the power to have laws created to FORCE you to buy their products?

Being a doctor I know that all organisms are created for survival. They either learn to adapt of they become extinct. Adaptation is the key.  Let’s look at a modern example of  the “germ” that causes tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). It was believed by “science” that we had virtually wiped out his “germ” .. But low and behold it has resurfaced and actually morphed itself into a stronger more powerful “Super GERM” and we have NO cure for it. It ADAPTED to our attack on it.  Could it be that other “germs” can possibly do the same thing? What do you think?  Of all the commercials I have been subjected to during my lifetime I can honesty say only one has been profoundly truthful. “It said “It’s not nice to mess with MOTHER NATURE” ….

Do you think that perhaps if a single cell organism like a bacterium can adapt and protect itself that perhaps, just maybe,  we humans can do the same thing?

Louis Pasteur the Father of the GERM THEORY said that infection was dependent of 4 things.

  1. An invading organism (germ, virus etc)
  2. Enough of them
  3. They needed to be strong enough (virulence )
  4. The resistance of the host ( the strength of the animal being infected)

He went on to say that of these four factors that the first three were really not important if the host was “resistant” to the germs.  The most important factor was strength of the host.

We have spent billions and billions of dollars trying to kill germs and almost no money on developing the single most important factor.  Humm… I wonder why?

You don’t think that money could have ANYTHING to do with this decision do you?

We are constantly exposed to a litany of FEAR of disease and NEVER told to have FAITH in our ability to get strong and adapt.

Every year the drug industry makes billions with its FLU shot campaign. I don’t think presidential candidates have anywhere near such a  well organized campaign to FRIGHTEN us into getting the flu shot.  You can get them everywhere.  I’m afraid to stand still too long in the supermarket that I won’t get “stuck” with a needle

Yet year after year the vaccine proves ineffective, yet year after year they are allowed to push their drugs on us and frighten us via the media into being tempted to get the shots.

Look up the statistics. Look at this website.

I am not telling you to get vaccinated or not get vaccinated or what to do with your children.  These are personal choices  we all have to make based on either Faith or Fear.

I wish you good health,

God Bless