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Keep Your Spine Aligned and Your Cells Charged

Closest thing yet to a Fountain of Youth

Closest thing yet to a Fountain of Youth

‘I finally have something to help people at the cellular level; the very foundation of health.’

Not just for pain, but athletic performance skyrockets with PEMF cellular boost

A Trillion Reasons to Try PEMF

Energized cells promote wellness, often eradicating specific conditions. It doesn’t merely manage symptoms.

Almost any illness can be traced to low-voltage in some of our approximate 70 trillion to 100 trillion cells. A pulsed electromagnetic field provides cellular charge. Not that we know exactly what cells correlate to what condition and how exactly to apply the PEMF for any specific effect — it’s an art, not a science — but generally a number of bio-markers improve given a number of sessions at two or three times per week.

Organ and glandular issues such as prostate enlargement (BPH), erectile dysfunction and thyroid conditions respond well to PEMF according to reports from colleagues across the country.

The results we’ve seen in our first few weeks have been incredible:

  • Female bladder problems gone
  • Prostate problems gone
  • Chronic pain gone
  • Fatigue and foggy thinking gone
  • Varicose veins almost gone in just a few treatments
  • Migraines of 30 years and hip pain of 30 years gone
  • Diabetic Neuropathy gone

Dr. Gary Ryan’s PEMF Explanation (podcast)

Review 101 Research Studies at Links Above

Thousands of research studies verify the benefits of PEMF. We’ve listed approximately 100 citations which you’ll find under the “Studies/Abstracts” tab. These are categorized by PEMF’s typical effects on specific conditions. Keep in mind that PEMF does not cure disease, but provides cellular energy that tunes the body’s own healing mechanisms.